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BMX Africa was birthed from the vision of mountain biker TK. Having grown up with a passion for cycling in all its forms and a love for Africa, TK became aware of the positive impact that BMX was having on the youth of Africa. With an existing history of charitable work and an established network, BMX Africa was born to provide BMX bikes, equipment and clothing to the young people of Africa, giving them an alternative to a life of gangs, drugs and violence that plagues many around the continent and the world.

We hope that our story will become a part of yours, as you partner with us to reach a generation, and generations to come.

What We Do


The basic necessity is to provide BMX bikes so that the young people of Africa can get their start in the sport.


BMX ridden well is going to need replacement parts. Upgrades are always welcome too!


Through our local partners, those who benefit from our donations will also have an opportunity to receive life guidance.


Allowing BMX to be guided within Africa by Africans. Letting the beauty of natural evolution shine.

With Your Help, We Can Impact Lives Across Africa

With links across 32 African nations, BMX Africa is in a position to make a profound impact. We cannot, however, fulfill this vision without your help. Please consider supporting us, whether you have a history in BMX or not.
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Our Approach

Our approach is to keep BMX Africa organic – supply the hardware and let the riders shape things themselves. Without widely available skatepark or track facilities, BMX is taking hold in the streets, and this has created a lively grassroots street scene where riders are exploring their environment with every sesh.

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What we’ve managed to raise with the help of our valued supporters.


Those who assist us around the world to bring BMX to Africa.


African nations we are able to reach through our network of partners.

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Number of bikes we have so far been able to supply across Africa.

Your Donations Make a Real Impact


  • Campaigns 0%
  • Fund raising 70%
  • vital support costs 30%

A Letter from the Founder

I have made it a habit for the past 15 years of my  life to give 10% of my income to charitable causes; few people realise in life that it’s actually better to give than receive. Purchasing a new car or having a great holiday are good things, but the buzz of a new purchase and the memories of a week in the sun soon fade. When you give to others however, it lasts a life time.

Many of us do already have charitable commitments, but if you are able to become a regular giver, or even give a one-off amount, I can guarantee a life will be touched by your generosity. BMX Africa doesn’t suffer from a lot of the red tape that larger charities have to wade through before your giving makes a difference – it really is as simple as going from initial donations, to purchasing bikes, parts and clothing, to shipping them over for distribution via our trusted partners.

Please consider supporting us, whether you have a background in BMX, cycling, or not.


TK – Founder BMX Africa

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